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Meet The Founders
Meet The Founders

Dan & Rebecca Dengrove are the brother and sister duo behind Brewla. After growing up eating ice pops they had one dream – make them better.

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Having grown up in Southern California the bell of an ice cream truck was a year-round occurrence. After realizing how artificial and bland the ice pops of our childhood were and being amazed that nothing took their place, we decided we would fill the void and make a better ice pop – one that is great tasting and healthy.

Brewla Bars are all-natural ice pops based on brewed ingredients. We combine high quality teas, coffees, or botanicals with fresh fruit juices, purees, or hormone free organic milk. Each flavor is bold and sophisticated with a smooth indulgent texture. And just as a relaxing cup of tea offers rich health benefits, our bars are enhanced with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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